Alpinestars Supertech R


I’ve had these boots for about 5 years & from day 1 they’ve been incredibly comfortable; more comfortable than most of my other footwear, in fact. There are inner boots with rigid ankle protection which feel like wearing a pair of slippers and tighten with a drawstring. The main boot is mostly leather with plastic armour at the top, a very rigid sole, plastic toe sliders and reinforced patches on the upper surface for gear changes. The boots close with a zip and ratchet and are extremely durable.

I’ve worn mine for about 20,000 miles which has included a 6-day, 3,200 mile tour of Europe, during which I had them on for about 12 hours a day and my feet didn’t complain once. I’ve also had a few spills in them and they’ve done their job perfectly. Once I stacked a Blade at around 50mph and my footpeg smashed into my ankle & dug in as I slid down the road. It was sore and bruised but nothing major and am pretty sure the boots saved me from a severely broken ankle.

Mine are looking a little tired now as I chose white (which looked great for the first year or two) but other than being a bit grubby, they’re still in great condition. The only issue I’ve had is that I broke the loop of fabric that the drawstring is fastened through on the inner boot by tightening them too aggressively but I fixed this with a strip of duck-tape because I’m a ninja.

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