Alpinestars GP Pro 2pc Suit Review


I’ve had this for about 4 years now and have worn it for numerous trackdays in the UK as well as 3-day sessions at Portimao & Brno & Spa, thousands of road miles, a week-long 3,200 mile European tour and have come off in it twice (due to gravel and diesel – neither was at high speed). It’s also got completely soaked through on a number of occasions while riding through storms so it’s had a reasonable test!

From the first day, it fit really well and didn’t seem to take any wearing in. I got it just in time for a 3-day trackday in Portimao and was comfortably hanging off and getting my knee down straight away.

It feels well-made and is reassuringly armoured, especially from the knees down. I usually wear a back protector with it when I’m on track which makes the fit a bit snugger (more snug?) but doesn’t feel too restrictive. It’s held up really well to sliding down the road and is only slightly scuffed on the outer arm and hip area. The slide has caused the Alpinestars logo on the leg to start to come away but the main structural stitching is still perfect.

The white bits were slightly grubby after years of use although I do clean it every now and then with wet wipes. Recently I bought some leather cleaner and gave it a proper sponge-bath and it’s come out really well, not looking brand new or anything, but certainly much cleaner and fresher than it was.

It still looks and feels great and I’m really happy with it. I like the convenience of a 2pc suit as I do a lot of riding in jeans and a jacket so having the flexibility is really useful. It’s got a zip which goes all the way round to attach the two halves and this hasn’t ever come undone (although I haven’t had a high-speed crash in it).

I do plan to get a one-piece suit as I start to do more trackdays but for now, this is, and has been, a great bit of off-the-peg kit.

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