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Superbike Freaks aims to be an informative and fun website covering all aspects of sportsbike ownership.

I’m completely obsessed with bikes and have been as long as I can remember. I didn’t get my first bike until I was 24 though, which may be why I’m launching this website and not jetting round the world racing in MotoGP. In my teens, I’d ridden a few dirtbikes on farms and taken a C90 (two-up and helmet-less) round a MX track a few times but nothing serious until I passed my test in 2002 (second time round – no minors but I missed a 40 sign so was failed for speeding on my first attempt).

I immediately bought my first bike, an immaculate ‘97 CBR600 in black with 16,000 miles, and promptly got pulled for (allegedly) racing two days later with two guys I overtook on a ride in Wiltshire.

Since then, I’ve travelled thousands of miles, ridden most of the top superbikes (and owned a few), toured through storms in the Alps, used various gear, done quite a few trackdays, a little advanced training, met some great people, and picked up a few new skills. Like most people, I’m sure, I’ve made a few mistakes and bad decisions in my riding career but I’ve also learned a lot. I’ve been extremely lucky on a number of occasions, pretty damn unlucky on others, and have done a lot of different things which have led me to wanting to share my experiences.

Superbike Freaks is the culmination of my riding experience coupled with some useful features and articles. There is no sponsorship or external funding behind this project and as I’m not a journalist, I’m unlikely to be invited on the launch of the next H2R or whatever the next big thing is. It’s a fun project which hopefully provides some entertainment and useful reading. I want to get into racing in the future so I’ll be writing updates on my progress towards that too.

Feedback is always welcomed, as are new ideas for the site and interesting content, so please get in touch using the email link below if you have something to contribute.

Enjoy the site!

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My biking CV includes:

  • 14 years’ riding
  • Solo touring round Europe (and being pulled for speeding within 27 minutes of landing on foreign soil)
  • Various UK and European trackdays
  • Riding a Harley over the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Ron Haslam Race School
  • Trail riding in Malaga
  • Crashing a hired scooter on the way to the Valencia MotoGP
  • California Superbike School
  • Racing an R8 (& a blacked-out, de-badged Merc) through Belgium (destroyed them!)
  • Stunt school
  • Nearly running over Keith Flint at a trackday
  • Pulling a wheelie across the Millau Viaduct in France