2017 Yamaha R6


So, Yamaha has released images and details of a new R6 for 2017… and it looks absolutely amazing! A range of colours have been pictured including blue, black, and the white/silver scheme pictured below with the yellow wheels.

Everyone likes a surprise

No-one even really knew that they were planning a new 600 so it was a big surprised when they dropped the news this week. What’s even more surprising is that they’re bringing out such a hot 600 when no other manufacturer seems to be focusing on the middle-weight class, with Honda even rumoured to be dropping the iconic CBR600 from their line-up. It will be a massive shock if Honda does drop this legendary bike, around since the late 80s and probably the first sportsbike for many generations of riders. However, due to falling sales in the supersport market, the cost of meeting new emissions laws, and the fact that a 600 costs pretty much the same as a 1000 to develop but can’t be sold for as much, it’s becoming less and less viable for manufacturers to continue to focus on it.1

Sharpest 600 ever?

Yamaha, however, don’t follow that line of thought and have developed a fantastic-looking bike. Specs are likely to be fairly similar to the current version – power might be up to 130bhp but the geometry and wheelbase is expected to be the same. A new axle and longer forks are among the changes on the bike.

Clearly, this bike takes a lot of its styling from the R1. It looks razor-sharp, like an absolute weapon, and is likely to be the hottest 600 around next year… unless another manufacturer is has an ace up its sleeve too!

Photo credits – Yamaha Motor EU

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