Spidi JK Leather Jacket Review


In total contrast to my racier jackets, this is a beautifully plush, retro-styled jacket with a removable quilted inner jacket for extra warmth in the cooler months. The Italian leather is incredibly soft and luxurious and it feels really comfortable. It doesn’t look like it’s obviously a bike jacket so can be worn casually off the bike as well as on it.

It’s armoured in the usual places and has a handy zip pocket on the upper right breast just big enough for a credit card and some cash which is easily accessible with gloves and a backpack on. There are also external zip pockets on either side and an internal pocket on the left.

Two creamy white stripes across the chest, back and arms give it that stylish retro cool and it can be adjusted by the buckles either side of the bottom of the jacket.

Overall, this is a great jacket, effortlessly cool, but clearly designed to appeal to the more fashion-conscious than those who want a jacket offering ultimate protection.

Niggles – only the one and that is that the cuffs are quite loose so have a tendency to catch the wind and become untucked from gloves which fasten over the jacket, allowing the wind to shoot up your arm. Something to bear in mind is that because this is a looser-fit, more casual jacket, it does have a tendency to inflate a bit and snap around uncomfortably at high speeds. So I guess keep this for more relaxed rides and wear a sportier jacket when riding like a complete twat!

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