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2016 review

k74-2Well that’s the 2016 race season over for me! I’ve been down twice but bounced right back up and, for my first years racing, I’m really happy with how much I’ve come on as a racer starting from nothing. I finished 4th at EMRA in the Rookies class and that’s better than I thought I’d do considering I’d only done 5 track days before the jump to racing. Having only done one round at Darley Moor I still managed to finish 11th in the formula 600 class (5th on the day).

I raced most the year on a CBR600RR3, struggling to keep up with the more modern bikes so I took a plunge and sold up and got myself a GSXR600 K6. Riding this at the last round at Mallory, I got my best results of 3rd and 2nd and knocked just under a second off my time so I’m looking forward to seeing how I get on next year.

2017 plan

The plan for 2017 is to do every round at Mallory Park in Rookies and Buildbase 600, as well as every round at Darley Moor in Formula 600 and Peak Cup.

k74-5Club 50 sponsorship

That’s a lot of races so it means I’m on the lookout for anyone who is able to help with a little sponsorship next year. To help with this, I have Club 50 on the go so if you’d like to join, please help in anyway you can. With a little help I know I can achieve big things in the racing world!
You can get in touch with me with through Superbike Freaks or via my Facebook page (link at the bottom).

I’m happy to say Superbike Freaks is also helping me out and you should see a review after every round posted on here so you can follow my progress.


There are a couple of people I’d specifically like to thank (and I’m really sorry if I miss anyone off!):

  • Danielle, for her constant support and pushing me, as I wouldn’t have done it without her; and
  • John, for being my mentor and for helping me in every way he could right from last year when I was getting the bike and myself ready for racing.

I’d also like to thank every single person that has come to watch me, be it family or friends – your support has helped more than you think.

Looking ahead

I’ve made a lot of good friends and met many like-minded people on the grid and in the paddock this year, including some mates I’ll no doubt be in touch with for a very long time. To say I’m looking forward to next year’s racing is an understatement!

Keep an eye out for updates over the winter overhaul period… The bike is due for some changes and some better kit is on the way! Stay up-to-date with progress by liking my Facebook page –




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