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We at Superbike Freaks are massive fans of anyone who pushes the boundaries on bikes. Ghostrider was probably the first to publish his exploits on mainstream media but since then, there hasn’t really been anyone who has captured our attention in the same way until MaxWrist appeared on the scene.

MaxWrist is famous for his high-quality, well-edited video clips of him chasing down supercars on the road and racing them, with his signature move being a high-speed wheelie as he overtakes them.

Superbike Freaks approached MaxWrist to ask if he’d be willing to answer a few questions for us to demystify the myth and give an insight into the person behind the brand… and he was… so here you are!

Mr Wrist, hi! Thank you very much for agreeing to chat with us and answer some questions. Firstly, tell us a bit about your riding history – how long have you been riding, do you do any racing, motocross or stunt riding?

My riding history is not really much history at all. I didn’t start riding until I was 29 years old. I always wanted a motorcycle from a young age but just never got one. I owned a Corvette and an s2000, I always liked fast toys. I just decided to go out and buy a sportsbike one day. Went to the dealership and saw a tricolor Honda CBR1000RR and knew it was the one. I didn’t talk to anyone before buying the motorcycle. I just liked the look of the CBR so that is why I chose it. Many people find it hard to believe that my first motorcycle ever was a 1000cc, but I already knew I liked speed so a 1000 was the only choice for me.

I was living in North Carolina at the time and wanted to find some people to ride with because I didn’t know anybody who rode. I went on the Meetup site and found there was a riding group in Raleigh called Triangle Sport Bike Riders. I went to one of the bike nights and met a bunch of good guys. I started doing the group rides with them through the twisties of Wake Forest. The guys would talk about how awesome it was riding in western North Carolina in the mountains. The first mountain road I ever rode was “The Devils Whip” NC80 in Marion, North Carolina. I fell in love with riding the super twisty roads of the mountains and went out to ride anytime I could. I always search for the perfect mountain roads to ride now.

What part of the world are you in at the moment? It looks like northern Italy from some of your videos because of the scenery & the fact there are so many supercars around. If you were anywhere near me, you’d be pulling wheelies on really bumpy roads past Minis and Ford Focuses, maybe the odd Aston if you’re lucky…

A lot of my riding was filmed in Italy. It’s not that there are supercars everywhere in Italy, but there are a few places where there are loads of them, just like the states e.g. Newport Beach, California. The place where I find the most supercars in is Maranello (where the Ferrari factory is located). You literally see a different Ferrari every minute there. I had to stop going to Maranello though. I was in all the local newspapers and TV there and they didn’t really like what I was doing (laughs). The main road I ride leads up to Asiago where quite a few supercars go so I’ll catch them going up and down that road. I usually see at least one supercar every time that I go there.

How long have you been doing MaxWrist and how/why did you start?

MaxWrist officially started in September of 2015. It started because I was using my name on my original accounts which started getting popular and ultimately I ran into some trouble at my job because of it. So MaxWrist was basically a name change to mask my identity. It didn’t work so well though, people that were subscribed to me before instantly knew it was me even though I got a new bike, gear, name, etc.

Is MaxWrist your job or just something you do just for fun?

Riding started as hobby for me. Editing became another hobby of mine because of riding. Since I have had a lot of success with both it will soon become full time. I look forward to that day. Right now I only ride on the weekends when the weather is good, which is not often. In the near future I will be able to ride full time, so standby because you haven’t seen anything yet!

What are you currently riding? I’ve seen you on all sorts – ZX10, S1000RR, CBR1000, R1…

I currently ride the BMW S1000RR. The only reason I will ride the other bikes is if something has happened to the BMW. Maintenance, repairs, or the police have confiscated it (laughs).

What do you think is the best bike you’ve had and why?

The BMW S1000RR is miles ahead of any other bike I’ve ridden (though I haven’t ridden new models of any other bikes). The CBR, R1, and GSXR1K that you’ve seen in my videos are all older than the BMW. The BMW has outrageous power, turns well, it’s comfortable, has great features, looks awesome… it’s the best bike in every way imaginable.

Do you own the bikes you ride or are you sponsored?

I own the S1000RR and CBR1000RR. The other bike were loaners while the police were trying to take me down for quite a long time. I don’t have any sponsors. I have had people reach out to me to promote products, but it hasn’t been anything that I’ve been really excited about that I cannot afford on my own.

The only things that I really want are some more bikes to ride. People always comment that they want to see me on a Kawasaki H2, which I’d definitely like to try. I’d like some better camera equipment as well. A really fast drone that could follow me around would be awesome.

Funny you say that – one of the Superbike Freaks team is a drone videographer so we will be producing some drone footage this year! So, what about crashing – have you had any accidents or close calls while filming?

Many. I’ve crashed 8 times in the 4 years that I’ve been riding. 5 of them are on film. All the crashes can be found on MaxWrist Gold. As far as close calls goes, I pretty much have one every time I ride. There is a heavy price for progression and I’m impatient.

How do you rate the gear (leathers/helmet) you use?

My gear has always saved my ass. I’ve never got hurt in any of 8 crashes. I don’t joyride. I only go out to rip, so I’m always in leathers when I ride.

How long does it take you to put together a new clip? Do you often go out and not find any other cars/bikes worth including?

Whether I find a supercar or not, I will have something worth posting every time I go out and ride. The supercar videos are just the most popular. The Instagram and Facebook videos are fairly easy for me to make; I usually spend an hour or two putting them together. The YouTube videos are a different story. Because of the way YouTube is set up, I want the videos to be 4-5 minutes long. So I don’t get a YouTube worthy video every time I go out and ride. It not so easy to make 5-minute video of savage riding and people seem to complain a lot about compilations.

What’s been your best MaxWrist moment?

It’s hard to say what my best moment has been. I am thankful for all the support that I get every day for the subscribers, followers, and fans. I think the best moment is still to come – 2017 should be an awesome year for me. Stay tuned!

…and your worst?

The worst moment for me would definitely have to be when the police took my bikes. I’ve since got them back, but when they took them I was in a black hole for a while. Fortunately some really good friends helped me out and got me some bikes to ride during my time of need. I missed out on a lot of riding in 2016 though. I didn’t have my BMW or CBR almost the whole year

What’s next for MaxWrist?

There are some really exciting things in the pipeline I’m working on for 2017. Hopefully it will be the year that I can quit my job and ride full time. If that happens it’s game over, you can bet on that!

We can’t wait! Good luck for 2017 & we really hope you’re able to ride full-time. Thank you very much for speaking with Superbike Freaks & let us know if you’re ever over in Europe and we’ll do some drone stuff with you!

Want more? Follow MaxWrist’s exploits on his website and through the below channels.






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